System for Field Debt Collectors

Does your debt collector has a smartphone?

If so – see how you will increase its results


  • flexible forms to collect feedback from the Salesman
  • sending commercials in PDF according to the permissions granted to individual traders / managers / technical persons
  • attaching INDIVIDUAL PDF documents to clients (e.g. with calculation, individual offer, supplemented contract)
  • tracking if the email has been opened or not
  • taking photos, scans and sending (in the Application) as an attachment in the client’s file (no more paper sheets)
  • GPS location
  • routing the best route to customers to visit*
  • internal communicator *
  • Your actual CRM integration*


  • Let your people focus on the client – not the systems
  • Prepare the tasks that collectors has to perform
  • Upload the addresses to visit
  • Send them with tasks for the working day / week
  • Account for completed tasks and achieved goals
  • Save your time (lots of time)
  • Increase the efficiency of the team’s work by 20-30%.


Our Reporting Application is flexible – it can adopt to your needs in hours – send us some info about the work of your sales teams does and we will prepare a free demo for you.

The system requires a short training – make an appointment for a free Skype or zoom meeting. (link)

Application Users – Traders do not need training – the system has been designed in such a way that it is not necessary – really

    Let us know more about your business