System for Field Debt Collectors

Our Application increases collection effectiveness by 10-15%!


The purpose of the field debt collector’s visit is primarily to influence the debtor. The debtor will treat the direct meeting completely differently than letters with requests for payment, e-mails or SMSes sent by the debt collection office.
Thanks to the visit of the field debt collector, the debtor may be more willing to decide to pay the money back, he is encouraged to do so by, among others the possibility of losing a good image in the eyes of neighbors, colleagues, subordinates, as well as clients who may be present at the next visit of the debt collector.

It is worth emphasizing that during the activities carried out the debt collector may also assess the financial condition of the debtor. He can assess the financial condition of his business and collect information that can be helpful in the next stages of recovery.
In washing, the system works like this:
You import debtors’ data into the system, you can enter them manually or automatically (we will help)
Each entered debtor automatically appears in the Mobile Application at the appropriate debt collector
The debt collector sees the newly assigned task and should make an appointment with the client
When appearing at the debtor Windykator supplements the data, e.g.
reason for the delay
declaration of repayment (date and amount)
will conduct a survey, take a picture
All entries are collected in one place, you can analyze, sort, view, edit and export them
The system is operated in a few seconds, the application is simple and quick to use – check, test, we will help

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