Sending Proposals from app and tracking it

The system returns feedback with confirmation whether the customer has read the one sent to him – for example it can be:

  • an offer or a calculation
  • leaflet or catalogue
  • draft contract, contract, invoice
  • payment notice
Such information gives you many opportunities to increase the efficiency of work in the whole company, first of all you already know when to call him asking if he had time to read, secondly you can pretend that you do not have this information, as a supervisor or business owner you know how many offers were sent, who sent them, what the conversion looks like. Of course, in this case you also have an influence on what is in this offer – which is of great importance in terms of the quality of materials sent to customers.

It doesn’t matter how large your team is, all the activities sent by your team will be monitored and you will be able to check what really works and what doesn’t. In one moment you can give your employees access to particular documents, pick them up or replace them – you are only limited by your imagination.

There are your materials sent to customers written by a professional, the conversion of inquiries, sales and customer returns will increase eight times – check.



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