Sales Representatives

Can the mobile application improve the management of the Sales Representatives Team?

If you employ Sales Representatives who actively (independently) acquire customers or commission overnight, weekly or longer assignments, check how much you gain by implementing myReps:

  • Quickly and easily (move and drop) you construct scenarios that your people use
  • You can prepare any number of scripts, assign them in groups or individually
  • You receive reports on an ongoing basis – directly from the customer, without errors or delays
  • You keep all your reports in one safe place – including your client’s photos
  • You manage the rights of all employees
  • You monitor the work of the team regardless of its size
  • Prepare a beautiful offer/catalogue/flyer in PDF, make it available to selected employees and let it be sent to potential customers. The system will inform you when the client will read the document – it will give you 8 times more chances to sell!

With myReps, a single Manager can effectively work with much larger team!

Increase your team’s efficiency by 20-30%.



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