Mystery Shopper

How to improve customer service in stationary stores?

Use myReps! 

All you have to do is prepare the right scenario and your Auditors will send you ready centralized Audits directly from the checked point, supplemented with photos, videos, recordings, surveys – and no one will realize that it is being checked.

Due to the fact that employees of shops, institutions have imposed procedures regarding service, the client of the mystery shopper creates a scenario in which the study is to be conducted. It contains questions that should be asked during the audit, specific behaviors that are initiated by the mystery shopper to check employee responses.

The scenarios also recommend observing the place where we carry out checks – e.g. store cleanliness, position and aesthetics of work. The waiting time for service, its activities to meet customer needs, quality and efficiency are examined. In stores it can be checked whether, for example, the seller checks the age of the person buying cigarettes or alcohol, in restaurants the waiting time for the rest, in banks knowledge of the products and promotions offered, etc.

All observations Mystery Customer can save in the application, instantly and without standing out from other customers, the application allows you to take pictures and instantly send all information to the headquarters.

It also enables automatic verification and initial settlement of working time together with components additionally evaluated in the order.

Check and test.



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