We are glad to help our customers, willing to assist with customising system to suit perfectly – looking for Your request.

Direct Sales Reps

Direct Sales Reps are always busy with talking with Customers, calling to Customers, travelling to customers – etc. With our APP You can improve lots of processes and get better KPIs

Submit Order

Send Reports

Collect Lead info

Make Presentation

Send business proposals

Tasks & Calendars

mystery shopper application

Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper needs to work in discrection, yet he has to do careful reports. The best if pretending normal customer with smartphone in hand.

Taking photos

Voice Recording

Fast dropdown reporting

Auto geolocation

Mission biref - draft

Built in Messanger

Medical Surveys

At hospital or home You can ask Patient to submit survey, prepare questions and answers to choose Your Patient will give You feedback easy and precisely. 

Internal Messaging

Push Messages

Treatment plan

Medical Surveys / Pools

Technical Audits

With technical audits you need to take photos/scans, submit exact dimensions and notes to be used later by Technical team. With myreps You will prepare it very well.

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Show instruction

Collect Lead info

Prepare detailed audit


Team Messaging

Direct sales crm

Any other Direct Audit

Direct auditors has to talk with people and ask to answer prepared questions, with our APP the same work is done much more effective – faster and more clear.

Fast Submiting

Send Reports

Collect Lead info

Make Presentation

Send business proposals

Team Messaging

Features to grow

All features are always ON, the only thing which differs our PLANS is number of reports/audits submitted monthly. 


Any submited report submited on Application is localised and presented on map view. This functionality is usefull in many business and reasons.

Take a photo/scan

Need to collect and organize documentation?  Just take few shots and send them with report in few seconds. Simple way to have full documentation in flow.

Easy Dropdowns

Dropdowns, input fields and more are efficient way to send any data both detailed, fast with no risk of mistakes. Just tap answers and we’ll build full reports. 

Voice Transcription

Description or any requested value can be submited also by voice transcription. No need to stop & click on application – just say it and see how  text is built. 

Presenter mode

Easy to use PDF viewer can be used as presenter. Tablets and nice looking PDF presentations is perfect match if You want to interest customer.

Sending PDF to @

Remotely your Reps can send to customer any pdf like pricing, leaflet, business proposal etc. Several selected documents can be sent even during meeting .


Sometimes weak coverage can be an issue, but myReps works online but turns offline if no connection. All data are safely collected and sent after coverage is back.

User management

Create users, give or suspend access to any feature You need. Build big outdoor structure with several managers or simple team the same easy way.

One app - many projects

Create as many projects You want, just build forms for them and instantly share with team. Decide which project is for which team or member and make it done.

Internal Messenger

Communicate with all team in light speed, our internal messaging system is used for chatting with friends and in groups. Mobile and desktop.

Calendar sharing

Full view on planned meetings & calls for all team and each member separately. Send new or change meetings confirmed by office directly to sales reps calendar.

New feature in progress

This system is growing and get new features. Some of them were suggested by our customers – this time also we are preparing sth new. It will be presented soon.

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