Merchandisers Management System

Customer Comes For “Some mobile-phone” – and buys the model You actually wanted to sell

The role of a customer advisor or Promoter is very important regardless of the industry and point of sale.

He has direct contact with the client, he is an expert whom clients contact with questions about the products or services they plan to purchase. An adviser can be persuasive and induce the undecided to make a positive purchasing decision or consolidate a positive brand image – which will pay off in the future.

In addition to extensive knowledge about a given product or service, an advisor / promoter must inspire trust, build relationships with the client, and provide comprehensive care. Such a person is a showcase of a store, brand and has a significant impact on his image and sales.

The mobile application used by promoters enables:

  • fast transfer of error-free information
  • taking photos of own exhibitions or competition
  • recording short films
  • locating the employee in real time
  • Ordering BTL materials
  • Correspondence between employees and the manager
  • Sending BTL materials to clients email


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