Gamification motivates employees, thanks to which they perform their duties more willingly and accurately – additionally enjoying it

It allows you to easily and more importantly objectively measure the effectiveness of each field employee’s work, for each situation you want to measure or improve – you can give points or weight corresponding to each action, such as:

  • new order = 3 points
  • sending offer = 1 point
  • new lead = 3 points
  • closing sale = 4 points

Of course, you decide for what and how many points you award, the above proposal is just an example.

myReps is a gamification system created for field workers, working in a dispersed manner, employees do not know each other and classic motivational systems (e.g. scenarios, obtaining badges or levels) will not be effective here. Our incentive system is dedicated to mobile employees who work at the client’s office at the client’s home or on their way to them.

Gamification based on KPI (key company / department indicators) is an effective tool for increasing the efficiency of the entire team’s work, especially if it works away from each other and the company’s headquarters.


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