Direct Marketing, Direct Polls

Conducting field surveys or marketing research has never been so easy.

In a graphical wizard you can prepare a questionnaire in a few minutes, prepare scenarios with questions you want to ask the respondents. In a few moments you will get sorted data containing survey answers, photos from the local vision, videos, location and customer signature – whatever you want.

If you work with a large team of e.g. 1000 people or more, working in different locations or languages – the better. With the help of our application, in a few moments you will send tasks to do – all the same or each group something different. Decide who you want to give permissions to send PDFs to respondents, manage your own entries, view the status of sent data, location, export data to xlsx.

myReps is a fully customizable ecosystem where you can quickly and safely prepare your survey, send it to selected teams in the field and analyze the information received a few seconds later. If you appreciate practical approach and security, check out our application.


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