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Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used in more than one project?

 Yes, You can use myReps in as many projects as You want. At the same time. All You need to do is create one project after another and fill them with different reports.

phone app is also available?

For end of 2022 we don’t provide iOS version, our App support Android 6+ and CMS working online any platform. If You need also iOS please send us message. 

is Customisation possible?

For reports content You can fully customise by Yourself, for Application design You can change for company logo. If You need  design  customisation please write us details first.

Can I share access only to specific reports?

Sure, during report creating You can mark who can see it and wo cannot. Later You can change it. Also You can give access to users groups.

Can I hide some fields in reports ?

Yes, by creating any report draft, You can select this field has to be invisible to selected users or group. The same report can look different to salesman and technician.

Can I use myreps in short projects

Of course, many our customers use myReps for BlackFriday outside reports or instant customer surveys made in single day. We offer special plan for short project with pricing per day or reports number.