New Generation Application for Sales

Complete tool for mobile sales teams. Helps to reach the customer,
analyze his needs, present and configure the product.

Sales Representative

Add New Lead, take order, send proposals from mobile - sell 20% more

Brand Promoters

Brand Promoters & Merchandisers: take photo, make orders, request support from app

Market Research, Direct Polls

Fast and Easy to use App helps You collect Real Time informations , fast and without mistakes

Debt Collector

Increase the efficiency of the payment of overdue payments by 20%

Mystery Shopper

Discreet Application makes Your Mistery Shoppers 20% more effective


Easy-to-use application for collecting area data and Sales team supervising. Configure Your own scenarios and send them straight to your employees. Feedback is fast and accurate - no delays, no mistakes - directly from the customer.


Managing outside Teams can be tough, you often have no idea how how well they are managing their workload throughout the day. Our tracker solves that. Learn more

Leads Management

An employee can see his own posts
The manager controls the entire team. Orders, Sales, Surveys, Photos or Reports - quickly and safely
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Designed for Mobile

You are not required to use CRM systems that do in fact increase information control but makes work efficiency and motivation decrease - especially with Mobile Workforce. Learn more

Own Scenarios

Prepare and share scenarios with Your Team - build Your own forms, decide which data you want to collect and watch how Real Time data fills Your reports. Learn more

Increase Conversion 8 times!

Send stunning proposals out in seconds. Create error-free PDFs, send in 2 clicks and TRACK when they are opened. Increase Your Conversion 8times! Learn more


The Gamification is based on your KPIs (contracts, margins, offers sent). Determine what is the most important - give the scales, determine the prizes, contests and the team itself... Learn more


Sales Representatives

Managing a large group of salespeople - especially working in dispersion, is a real challenge.

We've created software exactly for such structures. It increases work direct effectiveness and results by 20%

If You hire Direct Sales Representatives, Auditors or other mobile workforce employees

Send them TASKS and pay for completed ones ... just TRY and find out how much you can grow by implementing myReps:

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Direct Marketing, Direct Polls

w pełni konfigurowalny ekosystem gdzie szybko i bezpiecznie przygotujesz pytania do Audytu. W trzesz prostych krokach przygotujesz zestaw pytań lub zadań do wykonania swoim pracownikom terenowym

Wyślesz przygotowane scenariusze w teren i od razu możesz oglądać wyniki przeprowadzanych Audytów, Badań, Ankiet - wraz z lokalizacją, zdjęciami i innymi załącznikami.

To bardzo praktyczny system, napisany przez praktyków - sprawdź!

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Field Debt Collectors

Import list of people who owe money from overdue bills and negotiate payment. Negotiate a payment plan, keep on track the debtors to make sure that they are repaying what is declared.

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Mystery Shoppers

A discreet smartphone application will help the employee to carry out the audit quickly and effectively, take photos, fill in the form and immediately communicate the audit results.

All you have to do is prepare the right scenario and your Auditors will send you ready centralized Audits directly from the checked point, attached with photos, videos, recordings, surveys...

No one will know that it is audited.

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In-Shop Brand Promoters

Promoters play an important role as product ambassadors, promoting the brand portfolio to customers at points of sale or at events. With our application, working with customers is at least 20% more effective

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30 days Pre-Paid


  • 1 to 15 users
  • ONE Team & Manager
  • No limit entries
  • Sent Proposals Tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Gamification +5$/user
  • Cloud Based

Monthly per user


  • Up to 100 users
  • TEN Teams & Managers
  • Unlimited Audits/Leads
  • Sent Proposals Tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Gamification +4$/user
  • Cloud Based

Flat Fee


  • More than 100 users
  • Unlimited Teams/Managers
  • Unlimited Audits/Leads
  • Sent Proposals Tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Gamification included
  • On Premise Based