Outside Teams Reporting Tool 

All in One Toolset for Direct Audits


Prepare Reports

Before starting customisation try to prepare reports content, think about data types, field types, how many photos or scans. Prepare some manual for team members.


Customise forms / reports with 100% flexibility. Create long and complicated or better short reports and submit changes whenever You want. 

NO coding needed 

No need to hire developer to customise nor prepare reports, everything You can do in CMS in visual reports editor.

Fast Launch & Progress

It takes few minutes to prepare report, make some changes and send to outside team. Feedback also comes immediately. 

Case Studies

Direct Audits

Finance Audits, Technical Audits

Visiting appointed customers and preparing audits with sensitive questions can be tough. With us whole process is smooth and easy to manage.

Direct Sales Representatives

Telco, Photovoltaics, HVEC

Direct sales is not easy job, with many employees working independently can be tough. We prepared myReps to be completely transparent and easy job. For sure You will save lots of time and improve KPIs

mystery shopper application

Mistery Shoppers (Silent Auditors)

Retail, Bank, Customer Care

Mistery shoppers should be invisible, working exactly and quiet. Our App is prepared to be Best Auditor’s Friend. During Audit make photos, record voice, report everything You need. Invisible and still very detailed. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

Customer satisfaction, Direct Polls

Customer Satisfaction measurement can be multichannel. The most reliable is direct audits. Ask customer face to face and send feedback instantly. Improve processes based on real data direct from customer.

Launched Apps

Average App Rating

App Downloads

“We used myReps for our Sales Team, technically it is very easy – like submiting forms but combined with additional functions convinced us to implement it also for Technical Team “

Richard, PhotoVoltaics

“Usually we prepare surveys with customers visiting our shops, customer satisfaction – one. These easy forms are just like doing the same as forms but much deeper and more tetailed. And We could manage all team remotely”

Anna, Retail

“We hire ~200 Direct Sales Reps, divide teams according to geography and existing needs. Previously we used on of leading CRM but my Team was confused and performance wad weaker. With myReps my Team feels free and brings better numbers – for sure it’s perfect for direct sales”

Adrian, Head of Direct Sales 

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