New Generation Application for Sales

Complete tool for mobile sales teams. Helps to reach the customer,
analyze his needs, present and configure the product.

Sales Representative

Add New Lead, take order, send proposals from mobile - sell 20% more

Brand Promoters

Brand Promoters & Merchandisers: take photo, make orders, request support from app

Market Research, Direct Polls

Fast and Easy to use App helps You collect Real Time informations , fast and without mistakes

Debt Collector

Increase the efficiency of the payment of overdue payments by 20%

Mystery Shopper

Discreet Application makes Your Mistery Shoppers 20% more effective


Easy-to-use application for collecting area data and Sales team supervising. Configure Your own scenarios and send them straight to your employees. Feedback is fast and accurate - no delays, no mistakes - directly from the customer.


Geolocation automatically saves employee position in address format, improves meetings scheduling and navigation to the destination, saves the location data for later analysis Learn more

Leads Management

Each user sees his entries / orders, the manager monitors the entire team. Sales, Measurements, Surveys, Photos or Locations - all in one place, quickly and safely Learn more

Designed for Mobile

Each of your employee can easily focus on the client and his duties. We accelerate the flow of information to the company, the system provides you the data you need - quickly and without errors Learn more

Own Scenarios

Prepare tasks for the day / week and send them to your team with one click. Send tasks and task descriptions remotely in silence and save Your time!- Learn more

Increase Conversion 8 times!

Send offers, catalogs, calculations - from the Application or computer. The system will inform you when the client reads your messages - increase efficiency up to 8 times! Learn more


Gamification is based on indicators (number of contracts, margins, offers sent) - it will additionally motivate your team. It can also be used to calculate the salaries of commission basen employees Learn more


Sales Representatives

Managing a group of dispersed Sales Reps is a real challenge. That's why we created myreps.com

Order tasks to be performed at specific addresses, send a list of customers to visit for the day / week and watch the progress on the map.

Acquiring Leads and information from the field has never been so easy - prepare a question form, drop-down boxes with hints and send it to any group of traders. In a few seconds you will get feedback with your order , location, on-site document scans, photos, commitment length, or a reminder about your next appointment.

It is up to you what information you order to obtain - the application will transfer it to the appropriate trader in a few seconds, and after completing it, he will automatically provide it to you. Thanks to this, everyone can focus on their goals and tasks.

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Marketing Research

Forget the paper. Check out a system that is more reliable, more convenient and faster than conducting research on pieces of paper.

Prepare Audit Script questions quickly and safely and after a few seconds the entire team will receive their Question Sets and locations in which to conduct their research.

See how every Survey, every Survey, Every Respondent appears on your screen on your office computer.

If you want to change the content of the questions you can do it in minutes - no phone call, no printing, no stress and no time wasting.

You can follow the feedback online - on the map or in the table view - don't wait for marketers to come back to the office. On a map with marked points where your people work.

The mobile application is easy to use, any non-technical marketer can easily handle it.

Anyway ... Check it out!

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Field Debt Collectors

Forget paper. Find a system that is safer, more convenient and faster than working with data on sheets of paper.

Rewrite the current questions from the Mobile Application Script and after a few seconds the whole team will receive their kits with locations to visit.

See how each Debt Negotiator works, how their Audits appear one by one on your screen on your office computer - on the map or in the table view.

If the client has already paid off you can automate it and the negotiator will receive this information. Without a single phone call and wasting precious time.

You can follow the feedback online - on the map or in the table view. See on the map where your people work and what effects they have

The mobile application is easy to use, any non-technical negotiator can easily handle it.

Anyway .... Check it out!

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Mystery Shoppers

The discreet application on the Mystery Shopper's smartphone will improve your and your customers' projects. Nobody will realize that he is being audited - today everyone is staring at their smartphones.

You will save a lot of time on transferring and collecting the collected information - The application will do it for you in a few seconds online - you can analyze the results online or export to an external system

All you need to do is prepare a description of the task - what you should pay attention to, then prepare the appropriate questions and drop-down fields with the ratings you want to measure - and that's it!

Your Auditors will send you ready-made answers with locations straight from the checked point - Audits can be viewed on the computer screen online or on the map. Audits can be sent with attachments e.g. photos, videos, scans.

The mobile application is easy to use and every student and non-technical person can handle it easily - all they need is a mobile phone - really.

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